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About Us

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titleSmart Title and Settlement Services. Inc. is owned and managed by a Florida Licensed Title Agent and Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker. In the real estate industry it is important to have a title company that is dedicated to understanding all aspects of a purchase and sales contract or refinance.

Our staff of trained professionals will guide you through the purchase of your new home or your refinance with care. We pride ourselves on superior service from the beginning process through closing and funding. There will always be someone available to answer any question day or night.

Smart Title and Settlement Services, Inc. provides excellent services in a day and age when other companies do not have the time to focus on details. The following is 10 step process of how your order will be handled.

  • Title order is received. A complete title request with all information including the purchase and sales contract, if applicable is necessary to expedite the process. The abstracting and search process takes approx. 24 to 48 hours.

  • Title commitments are returned to you along with the Closing Protection Letter, Wiring Instructions, 24 month chain of title and a Preliminary Settlement Statement will be sent all at the same time. We understand all is necessary to begin the approval process with lenders.

  • All mortgage payoffs will be ordered immediately once title commitment has been completed. Any items appearing on the title commitment which needs to be resolved will be cleared before closing.

  • Surveys, estoppels and city lien searches will be ordered.

  • Information will be completed in regards to Buyers and Sellers. Realtors will be contacted to obtain all information necessary to assure a smooth and successful closing.

  • Real Estate closings scheduled and closed throughout the State of Florida at any time, day, night & weekends. Proper Identification will be required by the closer.

  • All buyers and sellers will be given a complete copy of documents at the time of closing.

  • Settlement and disbursement services are completed accurately and timely. We will wire proceeds into your account or send you a check by overnight service.

  • Buyers will receive their Owners Policy and Warranty Deed approximately within a 4 to 6 week period. Each county has different recording schedules.

  • All documents are maintained electronically and copies can be ordered at any time.

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